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As we are in a seasonal transition, we receive a lot of questions about sleeping bags. Are you getting ready for snowfall? Or have you decided to skip winter and leave for sunnier places? Read all about how to pick the perfect sleeping bag and keep warm - or cool.


Founded in the 80s, Khasto is an Indian-Dutch family business. The company is known for their distinctive soft cotton bedding and nightwear, also referred to as 'cotton cashmere'. This sleeveless sleeping bag by Khasto consists of three thin layers of breathable, organic cotton (voile). Perfect for those hot, summer nights, with a room temperature of approximately 21-24°C.

What's not to love about the timeless items by Engel Natur? This 85-year-old, German family business creates sustainable essentials of the highest quality. Their fabrics are natural, soft and completely safe for sensitive skin, which is why this brand is definitely one of our favorites. This 100% organic merino wool sleeping bag has a TOG value of 0,75, which makes it ideal for a room temperature of approximately 20-22°C.