From moms to moms - we got you

If you're expecting a little one soon, we understand, like no other, what's on your mind. This exciting new phase comes with a desire for the finest products for your baby, and we are dedicated to providing you with just that.

 The ongoing — sometimes even nightly, right? — search for sustainable essentials, fabrics of unparalleled softness, and styles that transcend seasons: we've been there. That's why we are now here for you.

We put our hearts into curating a selection you can rely on, with each product carrying the promise of helping you enter motherhood with confidence and peace of mind.

With Zoen for Gust, you can rest assured you're giving your baby the very best.

And that's exactly what you both deserve.

How it all started

Zoen voor Gust was founded by dear friends Carol and Ingeborg, who drew inspiration from their firstborns, Zoen and Gust. In 2016, their shared vision gave rise to a platform offering sustainable, timeless, and premium baby and children’s products. By gathering authentic brands from all over of the world, they set a standard previously unseen. 

After three years of unwavering commitment from these moms to nurturing Zoen voor Gust, it was time for a new chapter. That’s where we, Giulia and Lisette, stepped in.

We have also been best friends for ages and shared a common dream of joining forces. Moreover, as new moms ourselves, we were always on the hunt for the most beautiful and unique products for our minis.

With Zoen voor Gust, we continue our search. This time for you.

The ones you’ll hold dear and pass down

Since 2020, we’ve been anything but idle, and we take pride in the collection we’ve curated to date. We tirelessly scour the globe to discover exceptional brands, often founded by parents who share our values: authenticity, quality, and sustainability.

Yet, what truly sets these products apart goes beyond their distinctive designs, timeless styles, and use of natural materials. It's the unique stories they carry, crafted with passion by truly inspiring people. 

What do they all have in common? They are the pieces you’ll cherish most and lovingly pass on to future generations, who will, in turn, create new stories with them.


With TOTHEMOON, our in-house label, everything comes together. It embodies our experiences and desires as mothers, our pursuit of the best for little ones, and a steadfast commitment to enduring quality.

What started with the baby brush has blossomed into a collection featuring the finest fabrics — something we've always had a soft spot for — and features never seen before. Exquisitely soft swaddles, bedding, and bloomers embody our devotion to bridging market gaps.

TOTHEMOON encompasses the products we could never find, the wishes we hear echoed in our community, sustainable materials, and designs that stand the test of time.

We hope you find as much joy in our brand as we do, taking you to the moon and back in every product.