Hot & cold gel packs - Reusable - Pack of 2
Hot & cold gel packs - Reusable - Pack of 2
Hot & cold gel packs - Reusable - Pack of 2
Hot & cold gel packs - Reusable - Pack of 2
Hot & cold gel packs - Reusable - Pack of 2
Hot & cold gel packs - Reusable - Pack of 2

Hot & cold gel packs - Reusable - Pack of 2

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Whether for pregnancy, postpartum recovery, or other ailments, these hot and cold packs offer immediate relief. Thanks to their gel construction, they maintain their temperature for an extra long time, be it cold or hot. Each pack contains two packs with washable sleeves — meaning you can wear one while preparing the other! They are safe and suitable for all moms, regardless of the delivery method.

It is said that applying heat to the perineum in the final stages of labor can reduce the risk of tearing as the tissues relax. You might want to discuss this with your midwife. You can also use the hot pack on the perineum for a few days after delivery to promote blood flow, which can speed healing and provide a relaxing sensation.

Cooling therapy is safe to use immediately after delivery. It can be used for up to 20 minutes at a time. Start with a chilled pad rather than a frozen one, as the former may be too cold.

Cesarean section:
Place a chilled gel pack over your cesarean scar to help reduce swelling and soothe itchy spots. You can also use the warm pack to stimulate blood flow and speed healing.

Use the warm compress to promote let-down, which is especially helpful when pumping. You can use the cool pack to soothe clogged ducts or mastitis. Apply it to the breast for a few minutes and gently massage the breast tissue toward the nipple.

Other uses:
You name it: headaches, tummy aches, bruises!

Why these packs are such a prize after childbirth:

  • Multipurpose: during pregnancy, after childbirth, or with other ailments
  • For all moms, regardless of the delivery method
  • Cold therapy to reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Hot therapy to reduce tearing and promote blood flow
  • Pack of two
  • Reusable
  • Washable covers
  • Easy to use

Please check the care instructions for directions for use and safety details. 

First Days Maternity Supplies was born in 2016 when its founder, Jade, couldn't purchase the products she needed to help her postpartum journey following the birth of her second baby. Not only did she find that products were simply not available, she discovered that people didn't want to talk about post-birth healing.

Thankfully, this is starting to change and women are showing more and more interest in preparing for their postpartum recovery. Every woman who gives birth, vaginally or by cesarean section, will have a postpartum period that takes time to recover from. This is where First Days Maternity's innovative and multiple award-winning products really make a difference.

Gel ingredients:
56% Water 40% Glycerin 4% CMC

Class I Medical Device, CE Marked, Made for First Days Maternity Supplies Ltd in China. Do not use gel packs without a CE/UKCA mark.

- Warming: Immerse the gel pack in hot water for 2-3 minutes, longer if needed. Or put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, followed by additional five-second increments if needed. Beware of hot spots.
- Cooling: Place the gel pack in the refrigerator for at least an hour before use.
- Freezing: Place the gel pack in the freezer for at least an hour before use. You must use the sleeves provided when freezing. If you find it too cold, place it under a thin sanitary pad or panty liner.

Two sleeves are included to keep your gel pack in your underwear. Each sleeve has two snaps for a better fit. You don't have to use the sleeves if you don't want to. You can hand wash the sleeves or machine wash them up to 40ºC. Dry them in the dryer, on the clothesline, or over a radiator. The sleeves are made of 100% polyester.

If you freeze your gel pack, use the sleeves provided or place them under a sanitary pad. Applying freezing temperatures directly to the skin can be dangerous.
Be careful when using the microwave, as hot spots are common. Increase the heating time by 5 seconds after the first 20 seconds of heating and check the pack between each cycle.

Safety information:
Do not open or puncture the package. If the package leaks, discard it immediately. Do not ingest the gel. If the gel contacts the eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use in patients with sensory impairments. Do not place frozen gel directly on the skin. Keep out of reach of children.