(FOX) Rider

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We are so proud to present the Foxrider to you! 100% made in Belgium and a musthave for every conscious family. It will last for years and years and years...


In 1957 Adiel Devos designed his first tricycle. A familypiece. Foxrider was born and is now produced by the Metafox Group.

Foxrider 1953



In 1975, Adiels son Frans decides to reproduce the original Foxrider. Adiel gives the first design an update.

The Foxrider is a true success from the first day on. Timeless design, high quality (some people still own their Foxrider from 40 years ago!), lovely colours and hours of fun for the little ones!

 Foxrider 1975



De foxrider brings back Belgian nostalgic and is still a true example of style and quality. Meet the Foxrider 3.0!


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(Petit) and Small

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Valentinesday brought us a blogpost this year! Click here and check out what Petit and Small has to say about Zoen voor Gust. 
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(As seen on) MwordMag

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Isabel from the MwordMag blog, wrote a beautiful article about 'Zoen voor Gust'. We're proud to share it with you!

Ingeborg and Carol, two best friends for over 17 years, both became mothers three years ago. From the first time they’ve met, they knew they would start their own business some day. A few months ago they took the plunge and welcomed their webshop ZOEN VOOR GUST. Their shop curates the most beautiful things from all over the world, designed and created with the highest care, passion and by inspirational people. I just love everything and the following wooden camera’s must be my kid’s favourite toys at the moment. Go and show those sweet ladies some love. You can also follow their story on Instagram (click here).

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(Nice to meet) Repose Ams

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We start our first 'Nice to meet you' blogpost with one of our favourite brands in the shop (actually, they are all favourites, ha!).

Repose Ams is a brand we discovered scrolling through instagram (which we do for hours!). Based in Amsterdam and founded in 2014 by the so talented In-Yeo Couperus.  

Repose means peace, tranquillty, calm and silence and that fits their philosophy perfectly.

It was love at first sight. S i m p l e, p u r e, s o f f i s t i c a t e d and w a r m. The perfect blanket for your littlle love bundle. 

As we love brands with a story, Repose Ams fitted perfectly in our philosophy. In-Yeo designs with that kind of passion that works inspirational. With each Repose Ams blanket comes a part of the creativity and spirit of the founder. A little extra is they are packed in a beautiful handprinted bag!

The multifunctional  #1 blanket was her first design. They are made out of 100% lambswool. It will be very hard to choose between the beautiful colours. 

The Repose Ams blankets are the perfect gift for a new arrival, the cosiest blanket for travelling or cuddling up with. A real must have. You will love it.

(Pictures: Repose Ams and www.lesenfantsaparis.com)

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(D-Day) 1-12-16!

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We are open! Looking forward to this day for months. Finally we can share all those beautiful brands we've been gathering. It allready has been an inspirational journey and we are thrilled to see what the future will bring. Sneek around, discover, be surprised... Welcome and nice to meet you!

Carol and Ingeborg
Zoen and Gust

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