Checklist for Postpartum

Recovering from giving birth is different for every woman, but what we all have in common is that we do have to recover. No wonder: our bodies go through forty weeks of intense hormones, growing, stretching and changing - and then, of course, labor.​​ It’s likely the most challenging physical task of your life - and a mental journey too.

In the transition from being pre- to postnatal, we get to digest all these big, overwhelming feelings. Hopefully there’s love, bliss and happiness, but you might as well experience hurt, discomfort, sleep deprivation, doubt and anxiety. And that’s perfectly normal (trust us, we have been there).

So during this vulnerable period, it’s important to be extra kind to yourself. Focus on self-care as much as you can, and take the time to rebuild your strength. Except for catering to what the baby needs, think about YOU, new mama! What do you need? Are you allowing yourself enough rest, good nutrition, and help?

Feeling solidly prepared for your postpartum period can lessen maternal stress by creating structure and support. To get you all ready for this vulnerable, transitional time, this is our ultimate list of postpartum essentials. We hope it will help to decrease the discomfort, make your postnatal recovery easier and have you feeling like yourself again!

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