Cuddly Animal Elephant Small - Warming Pillow
Cuddly Animal Elephant Small - Warming Pillow
Cuddly Animal Elephant Small - Warming Pillow
Cuddly Animal Elephant Small - Warming Pillow

Cuddly Animal Elephant Small - Warming Pillow

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This cute elephant holds a pillow filled with cherry stones. By using the zipper you can take the pillow out to heat up or put in the freezer, and then use it as a warm or cold pad. Head and feet are filled with lambswool, while the skin is made of organic cotton. Perfect for cold nights, sore bellies and cramps.

  • Material: organic cotton & lambswool
  • Dimensions: 35 x 20 cm

You can also buy an extra warming pillow here.

How to use:

Use the zipper to take the pillow out of the animal. The pillow can be heated on a warm radiator or in the oven at 75°C, for about 5-15 minutes (type and size of the oven may cause this time to vary). Let it breathe for a short while, and make sure it is not too hot before placing the pillow back into the cuddly animal.

When using the microwave, never leave the pillow unattended. The heat can get up very quickly, causing the pillow to get overheated, scorched or even ignite. Warm up for 30 seconds at max. 600W, then shake to make sure the heated cherry stones are spread evenly. If it does not feel warm enough, place back with the other side up and warm for another 30 seconds at max. 600W.

Always check the temperature before giving it to your child.

Not suitable for babies under 2 months.


Senger Naturwelt is an organic toy brand, founded by Sabine and Volker Senger. All products are handmade in Germany. Senger Naturwelt stands for loving craftsmanship, shown in the beautiful materials and detailed finish. As sustainable production is one of the brand's deep-rooted principles, their cuddly toys are made with only responsibly produced, non-toxic materials of the highest standard.

Dimensions: 35 x 20 cm

Care instructions:

Because these cuddly toys are filled with pure virgin's wool, we recommend washing them by hand with a wool detergent. Unfortunately, they do not survive the washing machine as the spinning leads to irrevocable clumping of the wool. Start with soaking the toy in clear, lukewarm water (max. 30°C). Then dissolve some wool detergent into the water and gently squeeze the cleaning solution through the toy. Rinse by gently squeezing clean water through the toy. Avoid wringing. To remove stains, we recommend using a traditional gall soap.